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Company profileGejiu lian xing precious metals co., LTD. Is a collection of scientific research、Economic and trade、Production for the integration of science and technology industrial co., LTD,Cover an area of an area198m,The registered capital3000Ten thousand yuan,Total assets1.5One hundred million yuan。With years of processing10000Tons of solid waste and tin lead20000Tons of antimony slag comprehensive utilization project、Pure bismuth production line、Refined antimony production line、For the production line。Annual production of gb 1 silver200Tons,Gold200Kilograms、Pure tellurium 3Tons、Pure bismuth300Tons、Refined antimony1000Tons of large metallurgical enterprises。Based on silver as the main body of the industrial base,To extend the industrial chain as the guidance,To further increase the silver handicrafts depth development,Processing of ultrafine silver powder, etc。
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